LCA’s policies will prevail upon any circumstances. The school has the right to reject or expel any student who does not follow the rules. 
LCA does not discriminate on the basis of any race, color, gender, marital status, age, sexual orientation, disability, religious preference and national or ethnic origin.

Attendance: LCA makes it mandatory for all their students to attend classes regularly if they want to improve as an artist. In case of an injury and any other unforeseen circumstances that makes it difficult for them to participate in class routine, they can still show up to observe the class. NO REFUNDS or CREDITS ARE PROVIDED FOR MISSED CLASSES.

Make-Up Classes: only students who inform the office within 24 hours of their absence will be eligible for same-age, same-length make-up classes. PRIOR SIGN-UP IS MANDATORY TO ATTEND MAKE-UP CLASSES SINCE THEY HAVE LIMITED CAPACITY. 

Late Arrivals: Students who are late can opt to observe class silently from the sidelines instead of disturbing the class routine by hastily inserting themselves in it. Teachers may or may not allow them to join the class if they miss warm-up. NO REFUNDS, CREDITS AND MAKE-UP CLASSES WILL BE OFFERED TO STUDENTS WHO ARE LATE TO CLASSES. 

Dress Code: It is obligatory for students to follow the academy’s dress code in order to uphold its values as well as to show respect towards whatever dancing genre they are learning. Students with inappropriate attire are not allowed to participate in the class routine instead they can only observe. WEAR NON-DANCER SHOES AND COVER-UPS OUTSIDE THE STUDIO. NO REFUND, CREDIT, OR MAKE-UP CLASSES WILL BE OFFERED IF YOU ARE NOT DRESSED PROPERLY FOR THE CLASS. 

Observation: You can interrupt the class session only when the instructor asks for you otherwise avoid entering any studio room during a class session. 

Lost and Found: You can claim your lost items from a designated box near the reception area. Make sure to check it frequently since we donate the unclaimed items at the end of every semester. LCA Performing Arts faculty and staff are not responsible for any lost and found items. 

Safety: Students are forbidden to leave the academy premises during their class time. Ask your children to never leave the academy without any adult supervision. Students younger than 12 should never walk through the parking lot alone instead they should wait near the lobby door. COVER-UPS ARE MANDATORY AT THE TIME OF LEAVING!

Class Cancellation: Only classes that have at least five students enrolled in them will commence.If the enrollment rate dwindles after the third week of the term, and then they will be subjected to immediate cancellation. Students will be notified within 24 hours in case of a class cancellation and they will be encouraged to join other appropriate classes in the same or lower level. No refunds and credits will be awarded but the Academy of Dance will offer you another chance to enroll in the next term. 

  • Jewelry is not allowed inside the academy however the students can wear stud earrings. 
  • No food and drinks are permitted inside classrooms especially in dance studios at any time. Capped bottles are allowed inside the classes, but you cannot drink from them. 
  • Chewing gums or any sticky substance is not allowed inside any studios. 
  • Instructors can dismiss students if they cause them any inconvenience. 
  • You are responsible for your surroundings therefore pick up after yourself in the lobby area, studios and restroom etc. 
  • LCA does not offer childcare therefore parents and guardians are responsible for their children outside classes. 
  • Students are forbidden to loiter inside empty dance rooms. 
  • No running, yelling, climbing or rough housing is permitted in the lobbies or in the dance studios. 
  • Street shoes and improper attire is forbidden in dance studios. 


Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. Our commitment to our students’ and staff’s health and safety has never been stronger. State and Federal guidelines will follow:

In an effort to deliver a safe and clean environment at the studio, and to protect our students and staff, we will be adopting the measures listed below:

  • We have installed UV lights to our air conditioning system to help eliminate germs.
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation is recommended by the CDC as an effective tool in reducing the transmission of airborne infections (bacteria and viral). The system that we have installed offers a proven method of sterilizing airborne pathogens. UV-C light sterilizes germs and prevents them from reproducing.
  • All the rooms are provided with hand sanitizer stations and the kids will have a break during the class to use it. The use of hand sanitizer is also mandatory upon arrival.
  • Upon arrival, student’s temperatures will be checked with a touchless thermometer. If they display any cough, fever, or symptoms of Covid-19 they will not be allowed in the studio. Staff members and instructors will follow the same protocols. Before you leave, please make sure that you child has been allowed to enter the premises, as we don’t take responsibility for children outside our building that don’t get accepted due to fever, cough or other symptoms.
  • Please arrive on time for drop off and pick up, as students will not be allowed to stay at the studio if they are not in class.
  • The students will be separated by age groups and they will stay in the same room as much a possible (13+ years old will go downstairs only for Tap classes), while all kids younger than that will not have any classes upstairs. Each room will have a dedicated restroom for exclusive use of that group.
  • In accordance with social distancing recommendations, class sizes and room capacities will be reduced.
  • The rooms have clearly-marked tape on the floor to help maintain social distancing.
  • Entry to the studio will be through the back doors and we will have a different door per age group. You will get the information about the door that you should use for each class after the registration is confirmed.
  • Parents will not be allowed inside the studio. If you would like to speak with staff or management regarding any questions or account related matters, an appointment must be scheduled in advance. Please be aware that communication should be via email ([email protected]) in order to respect social distancing rules.
  • Classes will end 5 minutes early to allow time for dismissal and cleaning processes (all high-touch surfaces will be disinfected before each class).
  • Masks are required at all times. For acting and singing, it’s mandatory to wear a face shield while singing or acting.


      New rules might be enforced by CDC.